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Visa Requirements

1) Completed visa application form for each applicant using CAPITAL LETTERS and fill in all spaces correctly without making a mistake. Regulations states that any application form with correction marks on it may be returned without being processed. All names must be shown as they appear in the passport.

Note the following when completing the form :-
  • Place of Issue: Refer to your passport under Authority or Issuing Office.
  • Home Add & Phone no: Please ensure that Home & Mobile Numbers are listed.
  • Business Add & Phone no: Please fill in your work address as per your listed occupation.
  • Purpose of Travel: Please tick Umrah Box.
  • Mode of Payment: Not Applicable.
  • Name and address of company in Saudi: Not Applicable.
  • Travel Information: leave this section blank for us to complete.
  • Travelling Companion: Refers to Mehrem Name, ( for female & children applications only ).
  • Relationship: How you relate to each other. e.g.: Husband, Son,Father, Brother etc.
  • Signature: at the bottom of the form. Please ensure you sign as in the passport.

2) Current Original Passport: Must be valid for a minimum 6 months at date of travel & have two free pages available side by side. Passports must be Electronic Machine Readable.

3) Two Passport Size Photos: Both photos attached to the visa form by clip. Photos should be taken against a white or very light background.
Note: - Females must be wearing Islamic head cover. ( Hijab )

4) Medical Vaccination Certificate: Written and signed by your doctor on his/her letterhead stating that you are generally in good health to travel, free from contagious diseases and has had immunization against Meningitis (ACYW135) & the FLU Vaccine (Seasonal influenza vaccine).

All in one simple paragraph.
This medical certificate must bear the official stamp of the Doctor / Medical Center.

5) Letter of Introduction: From your Masjid or Islamic Society certifying that the applicant is a Muslim, Please include your full name, Nationality & Passport Number on this letter. This letter must bear the official seal / stamp of the issuing Masjid / Islamic Society.

For Couples and Families: ( proof of relationship documents for mehrem purposes )

6) Certified Copies of Certificates as follows: Marriage Certificate for married couples traveling together Birth Certificates for brother and sister traveling together or children traveling with their parents. Certificates must be certified (True Copy) by a Police Officer or a Notary Public Lawyer. *Note that JP (justice of peace) is not acceptable*